The art of family life is not to take it personally (Adam Phillips). When your child is being horrible to you, it is not because you are a bad parent, a failure or useless at caring for children. It is because your child is feeling horrible for whatever reason (despair, vulnerability, impotence, loneliness etc). Your job as a parent is to find out what is behind your child being horrible to you, not to defend yourself. (Of course, if your child is physically hurting you, do what you can to prevent this first!).

If your home life is being upset by the behaviour of your child, if you do not understand why he or she is being so difficult, then choose a child psychotherapist. We are trained to observe and understand where the child is coming from, we can interpret their non-verbal actions and body language, we can help you find the answer to the puzzling behaviour of an unhappy child.


Child psychotherapy services available